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For Beginners

OK, so you are curious about vaping. That is why you are here. You may have seen your family, your friends, people around you start vaping. Either for fun, or in an attempt to give up the smokes. That may be you soon too, but you don't know where to start, what to do, which one to buy, or if vaping is right for you at all. That's fair enough, we all have to start somewhere right?

I won't go into lengthily explanations on what a vape is or how it works, all you need to know is it consists of a Battery, a Tank and a Coil. You pour the E-liquid/E-juice into the tank, and the coil inside does magic and it turns into vapour. That's it. 

You buy a starter kit once to set up, and then your ongoing costs consist of replacing the coil in the tank, and buying juices to fill it up with. The only part you will replace is the coil, which eventually burns out from usage. It is a consumable and depending on how much you vape, you will need to replace it more or less often. You will know when you need to replace it because the flavour will start tasting burnt and foul.

So which starter kit should you buy?

Well, why don't we start at the beginner section then. These kits here, are what we call Mouth to Lung (MTL) devices. Meaning that, when  you draw in the vape, it stays in your mouth and is then drawn into your lungs, the most similar action to having a ciggie. If you are looking to replicate that cig like feeling, this one is for you. They are inexpensive and easy to maintain. This is what you should start off with unless you know what you really want.

Intermediate devices listed on my site are Direct to Lung devices (DTL). The vapour is drawn straight to your lungs, producing massive clouds and more intense flavour. They also consume more juice than MTL devices. Once you get the hang of a MTL you may want a DTL, or you just may want a DTL straight away, everyone is different.

The advanced kits are DTL but require the purchase of external batteries and external battery charger (not recommended to charge through USB like beginner and intermediate kits). They usually have longer battery life, better functionality (such as temperature control, variable voltage and variable wattage). They are more expensive to set up initially because of adding cost of batteries and charger, but if you are going to be vaping for the long term, this is the one to get. The batteries they use are mostly the 18650 type which you can buy here, and you can use them on most vapes.

Pod systems are pretty cool too. They are very small and portable. In my experience a lot of people use them as a secondary vape to carry around while they are out (leaving the big box at home). Because of its size you can't expect it to have the power and tank capacity of a bigger vape, but they do the job incredibly well for the size.

If you come in to my store, you will be able to try all the types of vapes with the demo/tester models, and make a decision which one is right for you.

I don't want to make this section too long, but if you are considering the science behind it and whether it is safer for you than smoking, you may want to look at my resources page here.

For technical terms and such, please check out the glossary.

If you are looking for info about Nicotine, see here.